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For over 25 years, Pro Sports Lighting has provided state of the art lighting systems for sporting fields of all shapes and sizes. Not only do we understand the engineering and details associated with electrical and structural requirements of sports lighting, we have actually played the games that we light. No, we’re not electrical industry insiders who are pedaling poles, light fixtures and wiring devices. Rather, we are sports enthusiasts who understand the sports we light and how they are played. It seems reasonable to us that the company supplying your new lights have an understanding of the game.

Mike Lindstrom, our founder and president, grew up in central Illinois where his dad coached soccer at Lincoln College. From the age of eight, Mike would ride his bike to the soccer fields after school and play with the college team during practice. Without a youth soccer program and no high school soccer team, Mike was able to make the squad and play right fullback for The Sangamon State Prairie Stars, the #1 ranked NAIA soccer program in 1983 & 1984. Mike’s dad, Andy, played baseball in the minor leagues in the footsteps of his own father, Freddie who is a member of the MLB Hall of Fame and the youngest player ever to play in the World Series.

The Texas Rangers and Nolan Ryan chose Pro Sports Lighting to relight the Ballpark in Arlington after 15 years of subpar lighting performance provided by the original sports lighting system. We cured decades old problems with our new installation and exceeded the lighting requirements established by Major League Baseball. Ryan said “The new lights are an impressive improvement over the old system and help our field play better and improve the fans experience”. Our design team are contracted by some of the world’s largest sports lighting manufacturers to provide our unique insight on sports lighting designs.

In short, if you choose Pro Sports Lighting for your next lighting project, you will not be disappointed. We won't settle for good enough, because it just isn't.


We're eager to work with you to provide the best lighting system at the best price. Shoot us an email or give us a call for a free, customized consultation. You can reach us via the following form, or email/call us directly. Representative agents, to file a design request, please click here.

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